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Anxious Patients

At Chartwell – Rototuna Dental Centres we understand the anxiety which can accompany many people to the dentist, often resulting from a previously painful or traumatic experience. With your care and comfort in mind we offer oral and I.V. sedation to any patients suffering from anxiety to help ensure you complete your treatment in a positive, relaxed manner.

I.V. Sedation

For any pre-booked appointment Chartwell – Rototuna Dental Centres are able to offer I.V.sedation by a qualified professional. This allows a completely relaxed and anxiety free dental treatment.

I.V.Hypnovel is a common sedative for patients who require extra care from anxiety, phobias or medical conditions. Under I.V. sedation time passes very quickly as a deep feeling of relaxation is induced for the duration of the treatment. Upon completion of the treatment patients remember very little, as if asleep the whole time.

I.V. sedation is a safe and less invasive option to a general anaesthetic. For more information regarding any of these services or to notify us of your requirement of these services for your next booking please contact our friendly team.