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At Chartwell – Rototuna Dental Centres our experienced team utilise state-of-the-art facilities to conduct your treatment with quality, efficiency and comfort as our goal. This section of our website is designed to keep you informed on some of the technology that we use and how it benefits your treatment and experience with us.

Low dose digital x-rays

Using 90% less radiation than their traditional film counterparts, low dose digital x-rays provide detailed results almost instantaneously. Their digital format allows you to view the results on the computer screen from your dental chair so we can quickly explain and treat any potential problem areas.


Standing for Orthopantomographs the OPG gives your dentist a panoramic dental x-ray of your upper and lower jaws. This allows for any issues to be placed in the context of the jaw to facilitate a more comprehensive understanding of the issue and a superior, more considered treatment plan.

CAD CAM Ceramic Restorations

High strength tooth coloured restorations can now be achieved in a single visit to our friendly dental practice. Computer aided restoration technology can create perfect, long lasting restorations which protect your natural tooth’s structure while improving functionality and appearance.

The E4D system creates a digital model of your tooth using a 3D camera. Our professional dentists use this image to create a perfect restoration on the computer screen. A solid block of porcelain is then placed into the E4D milling machine which carves an exact, perfect filling, crown or other restoration which is then bonded permanently to the tooth. You can achieve an aesthetically pleasing, long lasting restoration restoring your beautiful smile in just one appointment. No waiting, no temporaries!

For more information about Computer Aided Restorations speak to our friendly team at Chartwell – Rototuna Dental Clinic who can answer your questions and organise a consultation.

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry works through the combination of laser energy and water to perform a range of dental treatments in a comfortable more efficient manner. As a less invasive treatment option, Laser Dentsitry is also known as hydrophontics which can help maintain a greater preservation of your natural tooth structure. Laser dentistry is often employed in the areas of,

  •  Cavity preparation for fillings
  •  Decay removal
  •  Endodontics
  •  Periodontics
  •  Soft tissue procedures

ZOOM 3 & Polar Office

Food, drinks, antibiotics, cigarettes and various other lifestyle factors are constantly challenging the colour of our teeth, causing their natural whiteness to fade and discolour. At Chartwell – Rototuna Dental Centres we offer ZOOM3 and Polar Office whitening technology to help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile in a single visit. These procedures work through lightening the natural colour of your teeth by up to 8 shades. This is the ideal treatment option for patients with a special event looming and need a fast result.

Sterilisation Bays

At Chartwell - Rototuna Dental Centres hygiene, sterilisation and the elimination of bacteria and viruses is of upmost importance to all of our staff. We have a purpose built sterilisation bay where all of our equipment and utensils are expertly sterilised to achieve exceptional hygiene standards for all of our patients. Our instruments are individually packaged and prepared for every patient.