Gum Disease Management

Periodontal disease in its early stages is known as gingivitis and is characterised by sore, red or inflamed gums which may bleed upon brushing. Gingivitis results from a build-up or plaque surrounding the tooth and gum line which in turn starts to attack the supporting tissues. Gingivitis is a treatable, reversible condition.

In its later stages, gum disease is commonly referred to as periodontitis. This occurs when the bacteria delves deeper in the ligaments and bone causing bone and gum recession and, eventually, tooth loss. Periodontitis is the major cause of tooth loss among adults. Periodontitis is a treatable condition; however the effects cannot be reversed.

A thorough and effective oral hygiene routine can greatly reduce the likelihood or developing gum (periodontal) disease. Any effective oral care routine should include regular brushing, flossing and a system of 6 monthly check-ups.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described or want to organise a check-up, contact our friendly team to arrange a consultation.

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