Childrens’ Dentistry

Free dental treatment for all teens.

You may not be aware that all young adults are eligible for FREE dental care from Year 9 until their 18th birthday.
Any School students from year 9 through to their 18th birthday receive free dental care at Chartwell and Rototuna Dental Centres.

With a belief in preventive dentistry and the development of effective oral care routines from an early age, we are pleased to take this opportunity to inform you that Chartwell & Rototuna Dental Clinics are participants in the Dental Benefit Programme which provides free dental care for adolescents from school Year 9 through to their 18th Birthday.

Children in New Zealand who meet the eligibility criteria for publicly funded health and disability services are entitled to free basic oral health services from year 9 to 17 years of age (until their 18th birthday). Excludes orthodontics, teeth whitening, specialist x-rays and dental hygienist appointments. Please refer to the Ministry of Health website for full terms and conditions.

Your young adult may not have any dental problems right now, so you may feel there is no need for a check-up. Here are two good reasons to book a FREE check- up:

  1. Preventative health care and routine hygiene removes plaque and tartar from teeth, helping to prevent costly dental problems as an adult.
  2. By having a check-up and correcting any hidden or potential problems right now, your young adult could be saving themselves a fortune in potential dental bills. 

Our team believe this initiative is extremely beneficial to young adults as it helps to detect and treat any potential dental problems before they escalate, often requiring costly, extensive treatment later in life. Furthermore this initiative encourages adolescents to develop a strong oral care routine. While they are young treatment is free to provide a solid foundation for maintaining a healthy smile later in life.

We invite parents to bring their children to our practice from the age of 2.5 -3, but younger children for any specific concerns and emergencies including ACC. We recommend bringing your children in this early, before the development of any potential problems as it allows them to familiarise themselves with their dentist and ensures that their first experience is a positive one. This helps prevent the development of dental fears and aims to develop strong and effective oral habits which your child can maintain for life. Also, it is around three that potential problems can begin to develop and we recommend a system of regular check-ups from this age to help detect and treat any of these issues before they escalate.

You don’t get much for free these days, so don’t miss out on this great FREE service.

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